What is Fireflies Presents?

Schedule an evening to celebrate your family!   Fireflies Presents... provides the components that will make up an evening of love, laughter, popcorn, & applause.   Send out invitations, collect the tickets, and celebrate family all while your child develops important communication skills.  

Components of each Fireflies Presents...

Distribute tickets to the special people in your family's life and designate a very special "ticket collector" to be in charge that evening.

Download the .doc program file and modify as needed.  All you need to do is to add your children's names and ages and the elements of the script you have chosen to use for your own family's Fireflies Presents Evening.  The last page is the most important page - Autographs!  Make sure everyone in the audience knows to ask for autographs after the show.

Popcorn Cones
Nothing makes a family evening special like food!  Print out and decorate the popcorn cone templates.  Invite guests to enjoy popcorn while watching the show.

The Script
Our Fireflies puppet scripts are designed for non-readers.   The narrator (Dad, older sibling etc.) carries the dialogue and action.   Standing in front of the puppet theatre, the narrator reads the script and “directs” the young actors’ movements.  Each script is unique whether it is an original Fireflies script or a grouping of poems, songs and/or rhymes.

Read Aloud
Consider having a read aloud moment with an adult reading one of our selected Fireflies' CLIP books or one you choose, during your Fireflies Presents evening.   What a wonderful memory-making opportunity for a dad or grandparent or favorite relative to participate.  The books we choose are short and easy to share with children.

Print out the puppets on card stock and let your child(ren) make the puppets their own.   From colored pencils, crayons, to paint -  the only thing that matters is the pride your child feels when they use their puppet creations.   Use a hot glue gun to attach puppet templates to wooden dowels or paint stirrer sticks.  

Fireflies’ Music
We have selected songs to go along with the theme.  They are usually new lyrics put to a familier tune.   Learn them as a family and have a sing-a-long, or allow your child to perform before or after the puppet show!  

If you have older children who need an applause-moment, consider allowing them to recite a poem or Bible verse.   The object is for young children to become comfortable sharing in front of a safe audience with very little effort and a whole lot of fun.

The After-Party!
Consider making the Fireflies' family recipes posted by Rachel Skavil, together and then serving them after the show.  

Fireflies Presents is a verbal communications project of Fireflies.