Puppet Theatre: Information

The Fireflies Presents puppet theatre comes with a removable valence & curtains

created in a fabric which visually compliments the primary fabric used for the puppet theatre.

The valence is removable because certain scripts will use the Velcro strip to hold props.  For instance our first Fireflies Presents evening uses an apple tree as the prop for the poems, rhymes, and songs.   Our Christmas script will take place in the manger.

A specialty or custom valence may be purchased at an additional cost.  Email Laura Bird Miller at laurabirdmiller@gmail.com with any requests or questions you may have concerning customizing your Fireflies Presents    puppet theatre.

  • Custom valences can be created with your own family name included.
    • Corbett's Cafe
    • Kline's Kitchen
    • Miller's Munchies
    • Hagan's Hot Dog Stand
  • Specialty valences, that encourage expanded play beyond a puppet show, include:
    • hardware store
    • grocery store
    • ice cream stand
    • pet store
    • nail/beauty salon
    • drive-thru restaurant
Sample Custom Valance
What you will need:
  • 2 or 3  24" - 42" expansion curtain rods that will fit in a doorway.   One will fit into a pocket at the top of the puppet theatre and the other will fit into a pocket right under the puppet theatre opening (optional curtain rod at top of opening).                                     
For a doorway, under a stairwell, or wherever your little puppeteers play!
We are updating our fabric choices after the
holidays and will post options soon.